Category: Hemp Extract

  • EquiGreene Horse CBD Products

    EquiGreene Horse CBD Products

    EquiGreene is a line of equine CBD products, formulated by a pharmacist. Horse CBD products have a wide array of benefits. Those include calming, gut support, skin and coat conditioning, potent anti-inflammatory effects, reduced recovery times, and tendon and soft tissue support. Equine CBD products are a holistic way of supplementing your horse in many […]

  • Mother of the Plant CBG (Cannabigerol)

    Mother of the Plant CBG (Cannabigerol)
  • DOG CBD 101

    DOG CBD 101

    Is CBD safe for my dog? K9Greene is pharmacist formulated and veterinarian approved CBD product for dogs. K9Greene is formulated only with isolate CBD, which means there is zero THC in this product. All traces of THC is removed prior to the manufacturing of K9Greene. THC overdoses in dogs are much more severe than in […]

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