CBD Body Butter 100mg


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The hemp-derived extract within this product contains < 0% – 0.3% total THC and D9-THC.

* Helps with skin discoloration

* Improves skin flakes and peeling

* Relieves tenderness and sore skin

* Improves dryness

* Relieves itchiness

* Provides maximum relief for radiation exposure

* A great skin conditioner

Hemp Extract body butter fights the harshest skin conditions! Container: 4oz (120ml)

Hemp Extract body butter Fights the Harshest Skin Conditions!

Ingredients: 100mg of broad spectrum CBD, water, glycerin, shea butter, petrolatum, cetyl alcohol, lavender oil, phenoxyethanol

Hemp Extract Body Butter is the perfect solution for providing maximum restoration to your skin cells naturally. Originally developed to nourish and soothe skin affected by radiation treatment, Hemp Extract body butter is a great skin conditioner and provides all the valuable nutrients to help repair your skin and help to overcome dryness, itchiness, skin discoloration, skin flakes and peeling, tenderness and sore skin. Combining the power of science and natural key ingredients it’s great for supporting healthy skin and for individuals receiving radiation treatment.

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