EquiGreene Level 2


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Equine supplement formulated with hemp extracted cannabinoids combined with medium chain triglycerides also know as MCT oil or fractionated coconut oil.

Hemp  supports horses in the following ways:

1. Reduces inflammation in the joints

2. Supports digestive system

3. Reduces recovery time from training demands

4. Balances a horses stress level and calms the mind

5. Promotes healthy skin and coat

6. Reduces inflammation in soft tissue and tendons

This supplement is odorless, tasteless and clear colored with a slight amber appearance. If your horse is a picky eater then this is the product for them.

Available in the following formulations to allow you to dictate the desired effects you are searching for.

Level 1 is 1000mg, delivering 31.3mg of CBD daily.

Level 2 is 2000mg, delivering 62.6mg of CBD daily.

Level 3 is 3000mg, delivering 93.9mg of CBD daily.

Zen is 2000mg CBD, 1000mg delta8 THC, specifically formulated to focus on calming your horse.

Relief is 3000mg CBG (cannabigerol), specifically formulated to focus on inflammation for your horse.


Recommendations: increase levels after completing 1 full month or select formulation with specific target.  Also make sure to use a grain that has a fat content of 8% or higher for optimal results.

Dosage: Pour 1 ounce of supplement onto meal once daily. Make sure full meal serving is consumed.

Available in 2 sizes, 32 ounces (1 month supply)  and 1 gallon (4 month supply).

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